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Wine 101, There’s No Shame In Being A Beginner

Show Your Wine Knowledge Like a Pro

While many of us have tasted wine more than a few times in life, the thrill of really learning about wines and how to pair them with a great meal can still elude us. But being a beginner should bring no shame. Here are a few Wine 101 Tips that can take you from consumer to connoisseur in just a few short steps.

Know the four most popular wine types. While there are what seems like thousands of types of wines out there, there are really just four types that are the most popular and well known.

  • Moscato Wine
  • Pinot Noir
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay


Show Off To Your Friends

DID YOU KNOW…A Variety is the type of grape the wine is made from. If only one variety is listed on the wine bottle’s label then the wine is considered to be varietal.


Red or White

While many of us may have our own particular favorites, when it comes to choosing a wine for most people it comes down to just red or white. But the biggest difference aside from color for these two wines is how they are made.

Red wine traditionally has the juice fermented within the skin and seeds of the grapes.

White wines traditionally have the grapes pressed and only the juice is fermented.

Red Is Healthier

While there have been studies back and forth as to which wine is better for your health, red or white, there is noteworthy evidence that red does offer some better benefits. Loaded with tannins from the fermenting process, these act as antioxidants that may lead to better cardiovascular health. White wines also have significantly less levels of resveratrol, part of the group of compounds called polyphenols, than reds. Resveratrol is considered to be a good antioxidant in the battle against cancer and heart disease.

Really Show Your Stuff, Be An Expert Wine Taster

When it comes to knowing about wines, nothing can allow you to show your expertise better than attending a wine tasting. Wine tastings allow guests to experiment with wines using their visual and olfactory systems. And, truth be told, there is no better way of having a relaxing time with friends.

To begin your experience you should know the five stages of wine tasting.

  • Seeing – Visually reviewing the color of the wine.
  • Swirling – Swirling the wine in your glass allows the aromas of the wine to escape. Also look for streaks, or legs, of the wine. Sweet wines will especially have these.
  • Smelling – Closing the eyes and breathing in the smell of the wine. Swirling (then smelling again) – This releases the true essence of the wine and allows for the aromas to rush to your nose.
  • Sipping – Sip the wine slowly and allow the wine’s flavor to be absorbed, Swishing the wine within your mouth will allow all your taste buds to truly experience the wine’s full flavor.
  • Savoring – When swallowing, savor the moment. How does the wine feel as it is swallowed? Is there an aftertaste?

Just a Note…If you smell a moldy, decaying wood aroma or the wine has a wet cardboard flavor, this means the wine has been corked, spoiled. As the term implies this happens with a cork is tainted.

Take the time to really enjoy your wine tasting. This is the perfect setting to start up conversations with other guests in your community.  

A Few Last Tips For A Better Wine Tasting 

To have the best wine tasting experience, here a few quick tips to remember…

  • Don’t brush you teeth too soon before a wine tasting. Toothpaste affects the taste.
  • Avoid chewing gum as well.
  • Don’t indulge in a big, heavy meal with heavy spices.
  • Do eat something light. Often wine tastings will offer bread, crackers and cheese to enhance the experience.
  • Avoid foods that damage wine tasting like spices, garlic, vinegar and raw fruits.
  • Do drink the water. Staying hydrated while tasting will cleanse the palate and will help keep you from a hangover.

wine-with-dinner-guideWine With Dinner Anyone?

When it comes to a dinner success, choosing the right wine to go with your meal can make you a culinary star. Here are most common types and the foods they complement.

Holbrook Life Embraces The Essence of The Grape

At Holbrook Life we want our residents and the community we live in to experience the best things life has to offer. With our own Wine Cellar onsite and our very own sommelier to provide professional guidance, we offer wine tastings as well as a selection of wines to be purchased.

While embracing the essence of the grape, we also embrace living an inspired life to its fullest. If you would like to learn more about the Holbrook Communities and our luxury amenities, Contact Us Now or Call (404) 445-7777.

Many Blessings and Hospitality Yours,
Al Holbrook and the Holbrook Life Team

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