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What is Farm to Table Concept and Why Do We Embrace It?

Farm To Table Means More Than Healthy Food

One of the best ideals that Holbrook Communities is known for is our love of great food and a wellness-based lifestyle. When food not only tastes good and is nutritious, we are more likely to choose wisely when faced with the decision of, “What’s for dinner?” That is why we see a lot of value in the farm to table concept as an excellent opportunity to marry the best in restaurant fare with a good plan for healthy eating.


So What Exactly Does It Mean To Be Farm To Table?

Farm to Table is not a new concept; in fact it has been around for many, many years. Farmers Markets have long been an important part of the farm to table concept. Essentially farm to table means harnessing the produce and livestock of locally grown farmers and ranchers; to put it simply, buying local.

“Most produce loses its nutrients within 24 hours of harvesting.”

Why Is It So Important?

For one thing, it promotes healthier eating. Most produce loses its nutrients within 24 hours after harvesting. By sourcing locally, chefs and restaurants can get their ingredients quicker while at peak freshness and full of nutrients. Customers get food that not only tastes exceptionally better but is packed full of the natural vitamins that promote better health.

The Benefits of Farm to Table Go Far Beyond A Great Meal

Farm to Table_Farmer

Farm to table not only benefits the restaurants and customers but also has great value to the community. By buying from local farmers and ranchers, the local economy is strengthened. Farming in the U.S. has been on a steady decline over the last 90 years due to cheaper imports of produce and meats from other countries.

Imported produce and meats require freezing or additives for preservation. In addition, international sources are hard to track when it comes to growing and livestock raising health and food safety practices. When we buy internationally, it costs more, the food is not as fresh and there are real concerns about food safety.

The Farm to Table Concept is changing how we value what we eat. By encouraging more local sourcing, we are seeing sustainable farming once again on the rise. The support is growing and not just with consumers but in every aspect from the local economies to community life.

Why Holbrook Embraces The Farm To Table Concept

Farm to Table_Dinner

When we first began discussing our vision of the Holbrook Life Communities, we wanted a place that offered the best of our areas. A place where health and wellness meant actively pursuing a better, more inspired lifestyle not just for our residents but our whole hometown community as well.

And, what better place to start than with the food we eat? With the Holbrook Communities we seek to encourage the best in farm to table fare. That is why we have planned restaurants that will not only serve our internal community but whose farm to table foods will inspire everyone in our areas to join us for a great healthy meal.

Farm to Table_Plates of Food

But our support for the farm to table concept does not stop there. We plan to encourage acceptance of this practice throughout our communities but offering cooking classes that feature the best in local produce. Gardening classes that take place in our own community gardens. Even, in the foods that are offered as “fast food” options.

Want to learn more about the Holbrook Life vision of Farm To Table and inspired living? Then Contact Us Now or Call (404) 445-7777.

Many Blessings and Hospitality Yours,

Al Holbrook and the Holbrook Life Team
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