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We’re Ready To Downsize But Our Son Isn’t

Talking To Adult Children About Needing Space

With as much as one-third of America’s young adults still living at home, many active adults are finding it hard to cut the apron strings and live their own lives. But wanting to live free from the kids and explore new horizons does not mean you are selfish parents; it just means you are ready to downsize and your kid isn’t. So here are a few tips on communicating your own “need for space” when it’s time for the birds to leave the nest.

Let’s Have “The” Talk

downsize-fatherWhile telling your children that you are ready for a new journey in your life can be uncharted territory, it does not have to be difficult. Instead of launching into one big discussion that could have a jarring effect, try communicating openly about your desired plans over a period of time. Talk about what you and your spouse desire now that your children are all adults. Make a plan for beginning your downsize strategy.

For adult children who may be living at home, be honest and let them know that you are ready to move into a new phase of life. Set realistic expectations for them in terms of what your plans are and how they will affect them moving forward. Work with them to develop a plan for their entry into living on their own while you set your own sights on what you wish to accomplish in the coming months or years, if planning early. 

It’s Time To Let Go Of Things

downsize-motherYou know that it is time to let go of some of the physical items you have acquired over the years. Downsizing from a 3000 sq. foot, multi-level home to a cottage of 1500 sq. feet means many items will need to be parted with. And, while this will be hard for you and your spouse, don’t forget it can be hard on your adult children as well. Especially if the home you are moving from is the only home they have ever known.

Sit down and go over what keepsake items are important and need to come with you. Then allow the kids to decide what items they wish to embrace into their own homes and family lives. Passing things on is one the best ways to see memories grow from one generation to the next. 

Share In The Excitement

Let your adult kids be a part of the new adventure you are on by sharing your plans. Include them when you are looking at new living spaces. Share ways that they can take on more of a family leadership role in things like hosting holiday get-togethers. Be open about how eager and excited you are to explore new activities, you may even consider taking up a new hobby that you can share together like hiking, painting or travel.

downsize-coupleDownsizing can be a wonderful, new, exciting experience for active adults to embrace and explore. It does not mean life has to stop or even slow down. In fact, if anything it gives you the freedom to go full force into a life of inspired living; a time to do whatever it is you have always wanted to do. While it may be hard for adult children to understand this at first, when they see the healthier, stress-free, and more adventurous being you become, they will come around.


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