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Hitting the Road, Important Road Tips for Senior Adults

The Roadmap for Traveling in 2021

In every stage of life, summer is a wonderful time to get out and experience the beautiful world we live in. Well over half the U.S. population is planning to travel in 2021, which is no surprise considering many stayed home throughout 2020. No matter your destination, summer road trips offer incredible moments and memories that can last a lifetime. You may have all your itinerary in order, but the Holbrook team is here to run through a few tips to help make your travel plans go as smoothly and enjoyable as possible. With senior living communities across the Southeast including Decatur, the Holbrook team shares our top tips for summer road trips.


What to Know Before You Hit the Road


1. Get Your Family Involved

Whether you are planning a quiet getaway with your better half or taking a trip to see your loved ones, be sure to communicate with your family. Even if you don’t take any family along with you, let them know where you are going and communicate often. Consider letting them know the name of the hotel you’re staying at and the dates you will be there. Also, it is a good idea to keep them updated by checking in via phone call or text messages so that they know your status in case anything happens.


2. Prioritize Medication Managementsenior living communities Decatur

If there’s one thing on your checklist when packing not to forget, it is your medication. Plan ahead by having your prescription filled and taking precautions such as writing down your healthcare provider’s information in case you need a refill during your trip. Additionally, be organized by ensuring your medications are accurately labeled and by writing down your schedule to make sure you are covered throughout your time away from home. Keep them in an easily accessible place.


3. Stay Comfortable

Road trips can take a toll on us. Don’t underestimate how important breaks and fresh air can be. When driving to your destination, stay hydrated and make frequent stops if need be. Sitting in one position for extended periods can be straining on the body. Take a moment during your breaks to stretch and keep your body happy throughout the trip.


4. Make Safety a Prioritysenior living communities Decatur

When planning your trip, remember to make safety a priority. One way to do this is by taking your car to a trusted mechanic before using it for a long drive. That said, don’t forget to also make sure your roadside assistance membership is up to date. You may want to consider notifying your bank so they are aware certain charges may be made to your account from different locations. Lastly, pack items like sunscreen to keep you safe while having fun. Please check the CDC’s website on domestic travel to know how to best stay safe depending on your level of vaccination.


5. Know What the Plan Is

While it may be fun to play it by ear, your trip will be most enjoyable if you have a thought-out itinerary. This may include researching the best places to eat, what parking will be like where you’re going, and so on. Look into details such as accessibility to have your expectations set before arriving.


Ready for a Lifelong Vacation?


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