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Top 5 decatur georgia restaurants

Top 5 Restaurants in Decatur, Georgia

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Our lovely city is chock full of amazing culinary delights. It’s nearly impossible to pin down exactly which are the best, because the sheer diversity of options are only related by their level of craft. From the fast casual favorites to the full service must-tries, Decatur, Georgia is a true gem. What’s even more fantastic is that downtown Decatur is only a stone’s throw from our Holbrook Decatur community. We humbly brag that the culinary hotspots are just one more amenity to add to the list found when you live the Holbrook life.

For this top five list, we’ve pulled the best full service restaurant concepts that are sure to make your night out one to remember. 


 Image by: @patpascarella @whitebullatl

The White Bull

The White Bull is Chef Pat Pascarella’s latest expression. This locavore hot spot features fantastically creative dishes pulling influence from Italian style culinary arts. Seasonal availabilities heavily influence the menu and its flavors meaning the restaurant’s menu is beautifully fluid. The cocktail and beverage program feature local craft beers and incredibly creative takes on classic cocktails.



Image by: @no246atlanta

No. 246 

Chef Ford Fry is perhaps one of the most renowned Atlanta chefs. No. 246 is one of his first concepts that hasn’t lost a single step in its tenure. Local ingredients and Italian inspiration drive the concept’s inspiration, much like The White Bull. Despite the similarities the experience is quite different and refreshing.


Image by: @pinewoodtr

The Pinewood 

This neighborhood style bar is a step up from what you may think when hearing the description. With extraordinary cocktails and old-school style southern dishes, The Pinewood is one half comforting and one half exhilarating. Small, but mighty, we suggest experiencing this neighborhood gem for yourself. 



Image by: @revivaldecatur


If you want a true Southern experience, then Revival is your spot. Chef Kevin Gillespie is another culinary icon in Atlanta. With Revival he pays homage to his Southern roots from traditional techniques, to refined, charming classics. 



The Kimball House

If Georgia were a restaurant, she’d be Kimball House. The food served are reflections of season, locality, and the beauty of the South. Helpful servings of the storied hospitality for which the South is known and revered are found in plenty. 


A list so short may be a bit unfair, and it’s certainly up for debate. However, if you’re looking for a good start, something new, or just a reminder of what’s already great, then these five won’t steer you wrong.

If you’re looking for a night closer to home in Decatur, don’t forget we have some fantastic options inside our four walls. Checkout our Food & Beverage brands at Holbrook here »

Many Blessings and Hospitality Yours,
Al Holbrook and the Holbrook Life Team

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