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The Kids Are Gone – Make Your Apartment All About You

You spent your life making sure your home was comfortable for your children. You had smaller furniture, toy bins and even drawings covering the refrigerator. Now that the kids are gone, you are ready to redecorate but aren’t quite sure how. Here’s a tip: Make your apartment all about you!

Experts know that when we surround ourselves with colors and textures that we love, we are happier. Our levels of stress are reduced and our homes turn into more haven than hassle. Here are some easy ways that you cantransform your child-friendly apartment into one that is tailored to you.

1. Decide on a Color Palette

Your daughter’s favorite color was bubblegum pink. Your son accepted nothing but forest green. Now that you are designing for you, consider your own favorite colors. While you can certainly paint all of your walls in your favorite hue of purple, interior design professionals would tell you to stick with a neutral wall and add pops of your favorite color into your rooms through accessories.

2. Think Function

The kids are gone. That means some of your rooms may take on a new function. A teenager’s bedroom can easily be transformed into a guest room by simply changing the wall and bedding colors. If you don’t regularly have guests, however, it may make more sense to turn that room into a private library, home office or television room. A pullout sofa or a stylish futon allows you to give someone a place to sleep when necessary.

3. Bring Out Your Collections

Do you have collectibles that you tucked safely away to save them from exploring hands? Bring your collectibles back out. You may choose to display your items in a single hutch, or spread them strategically throughout your apartment. Take a renewed look at the things you love and let them make you happy.

4. Furniture

Maybe you always wanted a chaise lounge but it didn’t make sense with children in the house. Perhaps you’ve always loved the farmhouse look and have had your eye on a small dining table. Look at the furniture you have and replace it if it isn’t your style any longer. Even a single new piece can transform the look of your room.

5. One Room at a Time

Another suggestion given by interior design experts is to not look at your entire apartment, but to concentrate on one room at a time. Maybe it’s your master bedroom that can use some sprucing up. Perhaps your bathroom is looking a bit childish. Pick one room to concentrate on, transform it and then move onto the next.

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