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The Best Plants for Your Spring Garden

Spring is nearly here and, if you are like many, you are already planning your garden in your mind. Nothing says Spring like new flowers pushing through the soil and brightening up dull neighborhoods.

The good news is that having a gorgeous landscape doesn’t necessarily have to mean a ton of work. When you take a bit of time to research the right plants for your location, you can create a garden that is both low maintenance and beautiful — and helps you stay on top of your health.

Instead of choosing flowers strictly by color or plants by the shape of their leaves, choose perennials that are right for your zone. When you choose native plants, you instantly create a garden that looks like it has been in place for years. Here are some plants that will look right at home in your Spring garden.

1. Obedient Plant

The plant name for this species is Physostegia virginiana. It is native to the region and easy to grow as long as it is given ample room. The plant enjoys full sun or part shade and it thrives in moist soil. At its full size, the plant will be four feet tall and just as wide. Gorgeous purple spikes of snapdragon-like flowers set off this amazing plant that looks beautiful when in a bed with Black-eyed Susans.

2. Crinum

Crinum americanum is one of the toughest plants you can grow. If your thumb is anything but green, chances are you will still have success with this one. Some people call this plant a bog lily due to its love of moist soil. You’ll find that this flowering plant enjoys full sun and blooms from spring to fall. Once it reaches full height, the plant will be approximately 2 feet tall.

3. Yellow Flag Iris

Another plant that loves water, this perennial will look amazing with your purple and pink flowers. The yellow blooms of the flower provide a pop of color in the spring, and the foliage stays green all year, adding interest to the garden. Iris pseudacorus is the name of this plant that loves full sun or part shade. Make sure you have plenty of room for this one to grow. It will reach heights of 5 feet and a width of 2 feet.

4. Canna

This is a low-maintenance classic for your garden. Canna indica has huge leaves that add a distinctive look to your garden space. If you are looking to add interest to your garden by way of greenery, this is the plant for you. Like others on the list, it enjoys full sun to partial shade, but it does prefer well-drained soil. If your garden area is swampy, this plant may not thrive.

5. Lilyturf

The name of this plan is Liriope muscari, and it is gorgeous. It’s great as an accent plant and looks lovely in borders. Its clumps are topped in spikes of flowers that range from white to lavender. You can choose different varieties of this plant depending on your tastes. This plant enjoys full shade, so be sure to plant it in an area that doesn’t receive much light and keep the soil drained.

6. Black-Eyed Susan

People all over the country know what this plant is, even if they don’t know what it’s called. The yellow daisy-like flower with the dark-brown to black center is easily recognized. Rudbeckia hirta is a low maintenance plant that enjoys the heat of the summer. Consider planting it in a container and watch it thrive. The black-eyed Susan would prefer to be under the full strength of the sun in well-drained soil.

7. Phlox

Humans and insects alike adore this plant, which comes in many varieties. Showy flowers begin to make their appearance in early summer and continue throughout the hot months of the year. These perennials are low maintenance and can be especially fragrant when the humidity gets high. Plant the phlox in full sun or part shade and keep its soil moist but well-drained. This plant goes well with the purple coneflower and will attract butterflies to your garden rapidly.

8. Cast Iron Plant

The Aspidistra elatior is a beautiful plant that is typically grown as a house plant in the north. It tolerates low light fairly well and is quite easy to grow. The hardy plant likes moist soil and shade. It will grow up to 2 feet tall and wide, and looks wonderful no matter what it is planted with.

Planting a garden is a relaxing experience that people of any age can take part in. Planting one that is full of native plants that are appropriate for Georgia weather means that you have less work to do after it is planted. Use the above as a guide whenfor you planting your own garden this Spring.

If you are interested in more ways that you can enjoy independent living as an older adult in Decatur, reach out to our team. We have plenty of ideas for activities that will keep you feeling as young as possible for as long as possible.

Many Blessings and Hospitality Yours,
Al Holbrook and the Holbrook Life Team

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