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Staying Active During Social Distancing

The Importance of Staying Active Amid COVID-19

We’re in the midst of unforeseen and unprecedented times. For the safety of us and those around us, we’re encouraged to practice social (or physical) distancing to minimize the spread of COVID-19. While we may be limited to what we can do outside and in large gatherings at the moment, we can still enjoy ourselves in our homes, staying active and sharp during this time. Encouraging a sense of community, we’ve put together a list of safe ways adults can occupy themselves through this pandemic.

Ways to Stay Active in Quarantine

Indoor WorkoutsActive Senior Community_Fitness

Walking. Agility and mobility are so important, even if we’re advised to stay home. Find ways to walk in your house or around your yard.

Balancing. With the support of a table, counter, or chair, try standing up on one leg, switching legs occasionally.

Stand up, sit down. Give your core a light workout by finding a nice, firm chair—stand up and sit down multiple times. Doing it slowly will best help stretch and work your muscles.

*Only do these exercises as your limitations may allow.

Indoor Hobbies

Cooking. We all need to eat, especially with so many restaurants limiting service. Find new, healthy recipes to try out and experiment with your taste buds.

Reading. There’s certainly no shortage of books. Discover the countless stories told over the years, true and fiction. Get lost in worlds far away while you’re at home. If you’re reading a physical paper book, keep in mind where it came from; disinfect as needed.

Writing. You have stories to tell—put them to paper. Get creative and write short stories, essays, or poems to express yourself. If you’re feeling artsy, try broadening your penmanship by picking up calligraphy.

Rediscover an old hobby. Did you use to play in a band? Were you a movie buff years ago? Rediscover those passions and pick it right back up where you left off.

Indoor Challenges (Staying Sharp)Active Senior Community

Online tourism. Many world-class museums and exhibits have made their virtual tours available for free. Log onto your computer or smartphone and enjoy exploring some of the world’s most renowned sights from your home.

Online classes. Ivy League schools are offering free online courses during this COVID-19 situation. These are opportunities to learn a new skill or a new point-of-view that will enlighten your journey going forward.

Online entertainment. Even though we’re at home, we don’t have to twiddle our thumbs all day. We can enjoy free virtual concerts from the safety of our homes, no binoculars or earplugs needed.

For more ways on how to spend your time at home, check out this NPR article that shares everything you can enjoy for free during this time.


Stay Active, Stay Inspired

Holbrook is an active adult community that offers an array of full services and luxury amenities, focusing on whole-body well-being in a safe and therapeutic environment. To be a part of our active adult living community, contact us today at 404-458-1171. We are looking forward to hearing from you and being a part of this chapter in your life.

Many Blessings and Hospitality Yours,
Al Holbrook and the Holbrook Life Team

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