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The Free Road: Am I Too Old for a Motorcycle?

You’re Never To Old To Find The Free Road

For adults, finding a new hobby or rediscovering your love for an old hobby means finding a new love in life. Maybe you have only dreamed of riding a motorcycle before being too caught up in life to make it happen. Or maybe you have fond memories of cruising through your neighborhood on your bicycle, meeting up with friends, and feeling the wind glide through your hair as you zoom down the road. Biking is a freeing hobby for active adults, but if you wanted to take it a step further? There is never a wrong time to have fun, live your best life, and pursue your interest. You can start riding a motorcycle at any age, and the Holbrook team, having senior living communities in Acworth and across the Southeast, is here to support your passions. Below is our guide on what to consider before getting back on the road.



What to Consider Before Starting Your Motorcycle Journey


Protective Gearsenior living communities acworth couple


To prepare for riding a motorcycle, make sure you have obtained and appropriate gear to keep you protected on your rides. Start by investing in a new helmet; while it may be expensive at first, it is better to protect yourself and avoid any head injuries in the instance of an accident. Furthermore, invest in leather gear to protect your body from potential road rash or other injuries.




With the gear and style figured out, you also need to prioritize the safety and fundamental aspects of biking. Like any other sport or hobby, training helps ensure that you are fully prepared to start your new interest. In most states, you are legally required to have a motorcycle license in order to operate a motorcycle. In states like Georgia, you can take a written test to get your permit and a physical test, in which you show your ability to ride, to get your license.

This will require some studying and training. If you are unsure about traffic rules/riding skills, you can visit a nearby driving institution or ask a friend for advice. They can help make sure that you are prepared to hit the road.


Bike Size and Height


When deciding on a bike, you should consider the different height aspects of your motorcycle. Not all bodies are the same and comfort is a priority. When you sit on a motorcycle, your seat should be positioned to where you are not straining. Furthermore, make sure your feet can reach the ground. You should be able to maintain balance on the bike while your feet are on the ground. You can test this by balancing without holding onto the handlebars.


While a bigger motorcycle can feel safer and sturdier, it comes with its own challenges. Bigger motorcycles can be bulky and harder to handle for some, while smaller motorcycles offer the rider more control and tend to be easier to learn.


Best Motorcycles for Active Adults?senior living communities acworth road


Of course, not all bikes are not created equal, and a lot of research is needed to know which bike is the best fit for you. A good idea for finding your perfect bike is to consult with a friend or go to your local dealership and discuss with them your wants and needs for a bike. Getting out and test riding will give you the chance to get a feel of the size of the motorcycle, compare and contrast, and see the different price points. Motorcycle prices vary greatly, so review your budget and determine what you are willing to invest into your new love.



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