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Morning Routines to Revitalize Your Body and Mind

Starting out your mornings on the right foot sets the tone for the rest of your day, and what better way to do this than with a little yoga flow and meditation. We’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to have a mindful morning routine to start your day off right.


1.) Set your Intention

When you first wake up in the morning, don’t just jump out of bed, bulldozing towards your day, instead set an intention for the day to come. Setting an intention can make you be more mindful and can set the tone for what you want to accomplish throughout your day. Setting your intention can be as easy as closing your eyes and telling yourself what you would like to achieve, or you can journal it. Once your intention is set slowly move into your morning yoga flow.


2.) Supine Twist

This is a good stretch to start out and can be done in the comfort of your bed. This stretch is great for your muscles along your whole entire spine. Lie flat on your back and pull one knee up to your belly and hold it with the opposite hand. Take in a deep breath and your pull knee across your body towards the floor, and exhale. Hold it for ten seconds and then release your leg back on to the ground. Do the same with the opposite side. Remember only pull your knee as far as it is comfortable, your knee does not need to touch the ground. Never force a stretch, as you want to prevent injuries.


3.) Side Stretch

After completing the supine twist slowly get up and stand next to your bed in mountain pose. For mountain pose stand up tall, roll your shoulders back, with your feet hip distance apart to get ready for your side stretch. This stretch is great for your shoulder muscles and outer thighs. To do this cross your left leg over your right leg, place your right hand on the bed, and raise your left arm. Slowly bend over to your right hand side. As you do this breathe in, and hold the stretch for 5 seconds then release, breathe out and switch sides.


4.) Standing Forward Bend

If you’re looking for a stretch that helps with lower back pain, the standing forward bend is the right stretch for you. You’ll also get a nice stretch in your hamstrings as well. Stand tall in mountain pose, with your feet hip distance apart, lightly bend your knees and slowly bend down letting your upper body hang over your legs. You can hold both of your elbows, while doing this but if you have any back injuries we recommend you placing your hands on the ground for extra support.


5.) Savasana

Savasana is a resting pose and is your time to rest your muscles and reflect. For this pose you lay flat on your back with your legs hip distance apart, and your arms stretched out by your side. Close your eyes and take this time to meditate, pray, or focus on your intention. You can do this for however long you want, but be warned savasana is known to cause so much relaxation that you may just fall back asleep. We’ve all been there.


Once you’ve completed these exercises you will have stretched all of your important muscles, and have started your day on the right foot.

Many Blessings and Hospitality Yours,
Al Holbrook and the Holbrook Life Team

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