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at Holbrook Communities

We are so thrilled to offer this revolutionary therapy to our residents and to the public. Please see these case studies and testimonials of the benefits using HydroWorx pools. Contact us today for more information at: 404-793-1034.

There are many ways to use HydroWorx aquatic therapy pools to help patients improve balance and stability. Numerous studies and ample research have demonstrated the value of hydrotherapy in the following situations:

  • Older adult conditioning and wellness: One study conducted at the University of Wisconsin aimed to evaluate the health benefits of aquatic therapy for active, older adults. During the five-week study, participants exercised for 40 minutes twice a week on a HydroWorx underwater treadmill. The study participants reported feeling physically and psychologically better during the period. Among the improvements they reported were improved sleep quality, better flexibility and reduced joint pain.
  • Neurological and spinal cord rehabilitation: Physical therapists can work with patients in a therapy pool at 60% weightlessnessto help them regain lost motor skills. HydroWorx therapy pools also include a massage hose, which can help minimize discomfort through a focused, penetrating massage. Among the benefits of hydrotherapy for neurological patients are improved balance and stability, better lumbar stabilization, improved gait and increased endurance, strength and range of motion.
  • Athletic training: Several studies have examined the benefits of aquatic therapy for athletes. One study aimed to determine if the lactate threshold, the point at which lactic acid starts building up in the bloodstream, was different when someone ran in water or on land. It concluded that hydrotherapy can be more beneficial for reducing stress on the joints compared to land running. Other studies examining the effects of hydrotherapy on athletic training analyzed muscle and strength gain and metabolic cost.
  • Weight loss treatments: HydroWorx fitness pools have featured on programs such as “The Biggest Loser” as an effective way to help people lose weight. Because people do not need to support their full body weight while in an exercise pool, they can perform exercises that would be too challenging on dry land. Hydrotherapy also reduces pressure on the joints and improves balance making it easier for people to exercise. One 12-week study demonstrated that underwater treadmill training improved body composition and led to modest weight loss in participants, without dietary changes.
  • Pediatric therapy: Hydrotherapy works for more than just adult patients. It can be helpful for children as well. The moveable floors of the HydroWorx 1200 and 2000 therapy pools can accommodate varying heights and can even create a feeling of complete weightlessness in children when used with flotation belts or balance rings. Pediatric physical therapists can use hydrotherapy to help improve their young patients’ balance, mobility, strength and flexibility.



  • Promotes functional mobility
  • Improves balance and proprioception
  • Promotes lumbar stabilization
  • Improves gait training
  • Helps to regain trunk balance, range of motion, strength and endurance
  • Promotes ambulation, sitting and standing balance
  • Encourages safety and confidence


Pam Cook had been off work for a year and a half with a bad back and arthritis in her knees and hips. Her painful conditions were exacerbated by some extra pounds which were the result of her forced physical therapy. Conventional physical therapy programs did not provide Pam with any relief, but aquatic therapy at ACCUA, in Savage, MN, has changed her life. She has lost 40 pounds by working out in the HydroWorx pool. She’s returning to work as a flight attendant. Her chronic pain is manageable now that she’s lighter. Pam believes that a HydroWorx pool “gives you freedom.”


Kathy Ellis had asthma and undiagnosed rheumatoid arthritis that prevented her from pursuing any aerobic activities. She had never run or exercised until she entered the HydroWorx pool at the Robert L. Sharp Health and Fitness Center at Jenks High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jenks’ head athletic trainer, Herb Rhea, details the rehabilitation and exercise routine that brings Kathy relief from her pain and enables her to be active and feeling great.


Participants on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” aren’t the only ones who have discovered the benefits of hydrotherapy for weight loss. Exercising in the water versus on land can help a person burn two more calories per minute. Water-based exercises ease pressure on the joints and improve a person’s balance, making these activities easier to perform without the risk of falling.

The benefits of HydroWorx for weight loss include:

  • Increased weightlessness to reduce stress on the body.
  • Increased calorie burn.
  • Reduced pressure on the joints.

One study from Texas A&M University compared running on an underwater treadmill to running on land. It found that each option provided the same cardiovascular benefits, but participants who used the underwater treadmill gained more muscle mass than those who ran on land. Eight percent of the study’s participants also stated they found it more enjoyable to run underwater compared to on land. When people enjoy the exercise they do, they are more likely to stick with it, making weight loss more possible.

It’s also possible to change the perceived difficulty of a workout by changing the water depth. A study from the University of Idaho revealed different heart rates, perceived effort levels and energy expenditure levels based on how deep the water was. The three measures increased notably when the water depth was lowered by 20 centimeters. The findings suggest that altering the depth of the water can create a customizable workout experience for those who want to lose weight.


85-year-old Margaret was faced with two knee surgeries and the task of losing weight. She soon arrived at the HydroWorx pool in the Pieters Family Life Center in Rochester, NY were she began water walking and exercising her way to a 35 lb weight loss. She not only has created a healthy and active lifestyle change, but she found a social connection with everyone in her aquatic exercise classes.


Lois Jordan suffered a stroke that left her almost completely paralyzed. Before she started aquatic therapy, she was told she would never walk again and her hopes of improving her mobility were all but dashed. Today, after only 5 months of aquatic therapy with Barb Cacia, Wellness Director at Pieters Family Life Center, in their HydroWorx pool, Lois has made vast improvements.

She can now walk on her own in the water and has advanced to the point of being able to use a walker when on land.


Meet Jack, an 88-year-old man who has peripheral neuropathy. The neuropathy made balance difficult for Jack, and he experienced numerous falls. In addition to affecting his balance, the neuropathy also impacted Jack’s speed and strength. His physical therapist described him as “weak and moving slowly” at the start of his therapy.

After two-and-a-half months of walking on the underwater treadmill, Jack had shown improvement across all measures, including balance, gait efficiency and leg strength. Since starting hydrotherapy, Jack only had one fall in a two-and-a-half month period.