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Holbrook Community Tips For Finding A Personal Active Lifestyle During Covid-19

Holbrook Community Says “Don’t Let Covid-19” Keep You From Good Health

It’s true, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on everyone’s lifestyles. Even the most happiest of introverts can find themselves questioning the contentment of such a long period of time in quarantine. But for active senior adults, this period of isolation can actually become one of the best events to ever happen for their better health. The key is finding your personal active lifestyle, within your own living space.

A Few Holbrook Community Tips To Finding “Your Personal Active Lifestyle”

holbrook-community-dancingJust Start. Humans are planners by nature. And while planning can definitely be a great personal attribute, if you allow the planning of your active lifestyle to hold you back or delay your going for it, then it is a waste. The answer, just start. Find a low impact exercise workout online, start with a morning stretching routine or simply dance. 

It does not have to be a big production, movement is activity. Just START!


Get Moving “Out of The Box”. Okay so maybe the gym is closed for a while or you are practicing some added precautions that require you to stay away, make a gym at home. Get creative and move some furniture around to free up some exercise space. Use can goods for hand weights. Use chairs for exercise stability. Order some fitness bands to use for stretching exercises.



Eat Deliciously…and Healthy. Who EVER said that eating healthy had to mean eating bland. Just like the colors of the rainbow incorporating colorful fresh fruits and vegetables can make meals exciting delicious and healthy. Now is the time to jump onto Pinterest and explore some of those great, healthy recipes. 

Pay close attention to what you’re eating. Staying inside and being more sedentary can lead to boredom eating. Make sure that you have healthy, easy to grab snacks to stave off the munchies. Find healthy fats and proteins like peanut butter, low fat chicken and avocados to help keep you satisfied and energized. Last, don’t forget to hydrate!


Active Means More Than Just Being Physical. While exercise and healthy eating are important so is supporting your mental health. “Sheltering in Place” can be a challenge for even the most positive thinkers. For those who may battle issues like depression or going through life changes, the isolation of this pandemic can make staying in a good frame of mind even more of a challenge. It is important to find ways to support your mental and emotional health.


Some ways to stay active emotionally and mentally include:

      • holbrook-community-paintingExplore your creativity. Take a up a new hobby. Try an online art class. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just fun.  Are you a photographer but can’t hit the park? Try some macro photography. The point is to not let this time of staying safe rob you of the activities you love. Get creative.
      • Become a virtual explorer. Who says you can’t take that trip to the Louvre? Or check out the Sistine Chapel? Travel the globe, there are tons of online virtual tours to explore free of charge!
      • Read, read, read! Many libraries are offering free online access during the pandemic. 
      • Visit your friends…virtually of course! Have a virtual dinner party. Zoom, Facebook and Skype are all offering easy access for video chats. It’s not that hard. Not a techie? YouTube has lots of videos that explain how to set it up. 


Go Outside! Sheltering in place does not mean you have to stay inside the whole time. It means being smart and careful about exposure to others. Have breakfast on your porch. Go for a walk (don’t forget your masks) around your community. Explore your gardening skills…the point is to get some fresh air. Just always be sure to follow the CDC guidelines and practice social distancing from others. 

All Holbrook Communities Encourage Finding Your Personal Active Lifestyle


While now is a time of much confusion, the isolation will end. We will be a community in its truest sense again soon. At Holbrook our goal is to inspire you to find your personal active lifestyle that leads to wellness and happiness. That is why all our communities are designed with visual beauty and optimal health in mind. From our Negative Ionization Systems to Onsite Art Classes, to Farm to Table Relationships, to Full-Service Spas, we are ever seeking to offer our residents the best of active, healthy, happy living. Ready to find out more? Contact Us Now or Call (404) 495-1106.

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