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Great At-Home Activities To Overcome Social Isolation

Doing The Right Thing Can Be Lonely

Humans are social creatures. It’s in our nature to come together both physically and emotionally. But when staying apart becomes a matter of public health, it’s equally natural to feel isolated and lonely. Social connection is an important aspect of overall wellbeing. The longer the isolation, the higher the risk of developing depression or anxiety. Don’t let this scare you, though! There are many ways to combat this, and people have been finding new and creative ways to stay engaged and productive no matter the circumstances. Here are just a few great strategies for staying connected during quarantine.

Note: If you’re feeling a persistent sadness or anxiety that interferes with day-to-day life, consider talking to a therapist, which is also available online.

How You Can Overcome The Quarantine Blues


Go Virtual

One great way to safely socialize with family and friends is to schedule regular social contact by phone or video call. Although virtual communication may not feel the same as in-person contact, it’s much better than no contact at all. Video chatting in particular, using FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meets, allows you to see your loved ones’ facial expressions, which research suggests can help prevent loneliness. Instead of canceling your weekly dinner or book club meeting, try holding them online instead. This is also a great time to create new events and traditions to bring together family and friends. Even just a 10-minute check-in can make a difference, and setting up a recurring schedule can give you something to look forward to.


Practice Acts Of Kindness

Another great way to alleviate loneliness is to engage in simple acts of kindness, even from a distance. When things get tough, being there for others can give you a greater sense of purpose and connection. Although the ability to volunteer or provide in-person support is limited right now, there are still many ways to help out. The best place to start is with your own neighbors. Reach out to those who may be struggling and make sure they are getting the food and medications they need. You can also offer to check in on them each week, providing that social connected discussed previously. Other ideas include donating to organizations that provide support for people in need and supporting local restaurants by purchasing gift cards or ordering deliveries.


Spend Time In Nature

If you’re lucky enough to live near an uncrowded park, hiking trail, or other natural space, take advantage of it!


Getting outside can help mitigate feelings of isolation. Research suggests that being in nature can increase your wellbeing and foster a sense of connectedness, even when you’re doing it alone. This may be because the natural world reminds us that we’re a part of something larger than ourselves, an experience that can evoke the feeling of awe. Approaching our surroundings with a sense of awe may also have other health benefits, such as improved immune function. Communities like Holbrook of Decatur offer an outdoor pavilion with dining, a bar, bocce ball, pickle ball, a dog park, life size chess, a fire pit and much more.


Indulge In Nostalgia

Now is the perfect time to organize your old photo collection or back up family videos. Although nostalgia might seem like a sad emotion, research suggests that it actually has many psychological benefits, including feeling closer to loved ones. So take a meandering walk down memory lane, and if you come across some gems, be sure to email them to others so that you can reminisce together.


Explore Other Worlds

Get absorbed in a fictional world. During lonely times, fictional characters in TV shows, books, or other media can serve as social surrogates, giving us a greater sense of community. The best stories are often the ones that cause us to feel as if we personally know the characters. These outlets can also provide a much-needed distraction from a nerve-wracking news cycle. Although it’s important to stay informed, it’s also important to give our minds a rest.


Participate In An Online Exercise Class

holbrook-of-decaturExercise is vital for both physical and mental health. Fitness classes, in particular, are great for providing social support and structured workouts, and the energy of an enthusiastic instructor can often be contagious. Be on the lookout for fitness class livestreams. At places like Holbrook of Decatur, Acworth or Woodstock you can also find personal trainers who might offer virtual sessions.


Make And Engage With Art

Art has an uncanny way of communicating feelings that can’t be put into words. By sharing art with others, you are able to connect in a meaningful way, even at home. The UnLonely Project has created a community through its Stuck At Home Together initiative. Here you can watch a short film, then participate in an online conversation. You can also view others’ art or even share your own. And if you’re not sure how to get started, the group has designed creative challenges, like crafting a self-portrait from objects found around the house. The group behind these initiatives includes physicians and researchers who document how the creative processes can help people maintain good health and prevent disease. Holbrook Communities also understands the benefits of creative endeavors, which is why they feature an art and ceramic studio, entertaining local artists regularly.


Holbrook of Decatur Can Help You Stay Productive During Social Isolation

While there is still so much uncertainty, that doesn’t mean you’re alone. We will be a true community again soon. At Holbrook of Decatur, our goal is to inspire you to find your personal active lifestyle that leads to wellness and happiness. That is why all our communities are designed with visual beauty and optimal health in mind. From our Negative Ionization Systems to Onsite Art Classes, to Farm to Table Relationships, to Full-Service Spas, we are ever seeking to offer our residents the best of active, healthy, happy living. Currently the community’s spa is not open and the restaurant dining does not have servers but it does allow for dining in as well as take out for a great “dinner in” experience. Ready to find out more? Contact Us Now or call (404) 495-1106.

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