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Enjoying Fall Activities While Being COVID Safe

Staying Safe During Fall 2020

Halloween is just around the corner, and before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here. With the weather cooling down and the holidays just ahead, this is a favorite time of year for many. Unfortuantely, as we know all too well, 2020 has been a hard year to enjoy; plans have been altered and canceled. However, there are a few fall activities we can still enjoy such as apple picking and going leaf peeping—we just have to do it carefully this year. While you may think of this health and safety information as common knowledge now, it’s important to remember all these points when out and about this fall season. From one of the state’s top senior living communities, here are a few health and safety reminders as you go out exploring Woodstock and Georgia this fall.



Best COVID-19 Health and Safety Practices

For more information, visit CDC.gov


Social Distancing

From what we know about the Coronavirus, it spreads through airborne droplets that can travel up to six feet. This of course is the reason we all have added a new term to our vocabulary this year: “social distancing,” or “physical distancing” if you prefer. When out and about this fall (and throughout the pandemic), maintain a six-foot distance between you and other parties. To help you gauge this distance, imagine the length of two full-sized shopping carts.


Staying Clean

Wherever you go this fall, stay safe by frequently washing your hands for at least 20 seconds and using hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol.

Here are the best practices of when to wash or sanitize your hands:senior living communities woodstock_sanitizer

  • Before eating
  • After touching an object
    • Examples: door handles, railings, cash, credit card readers
  • When getting in the car
  • Once you get home
    • Disinfect your vehicle and frequently touched objects in your house when you get home


“Defensive Driving”

When you’re out enjoying the fall festivities this year, the best way to stay safe is to do your part. Go in with the assumption that not every surface is sanitized and everyone you come in contact with could have the virus. This isn’t to instill fear, but rather this is a helpful mindset to remind you to follow health and safety guidelines. Think of it as defensive driving—doing your part to stay safe. Small details like washing your hands frequently and not touching your face can help you stay protected.


Facial Coveringssenior living communities woodstock_Mask

You’ve heard it time and time again this year: “Wear a mask.” It is so important that we cover our faces right now to minimize spreading the virus. Yes, breathing may be a little harder and masks are a bit uncomfortable, but this protects the people around us. For those who cannot wear a mask for long periods of time due to medical reasons, face shields are an appropriate alternative.

When buying or making a cloth mask, here are a few guidelines to consider. The material should be two-ply and properly secure over your nose and under your chin. It should not have a vent, and neck gaiters are currently not considering effective face coverings. If you have any questions about what face covering works best for you, consult with a doctor or refer to the CDC’s website.


Be Mindful of Who You Visit

Carefully consider who you visit in a close, indoor setting. While we may feel safe around certain family and loved ones, consider where they traveled from and who they may come in contact with on an everyday basis. When seeing people from out of town, it’s generally good practice to have them quarantine for two weeks before visiting. This quarantine period gives increases the chance that your visitors are clear of the virus and are safe to be around.



Visit CDC.gov to learn the best ways to celebrate fall holidays

When in doubt, consult with your doctor and talk with your family and loved ones about how to go about enjoying this season.


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