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Downsizing to Your Dream Retirement Living

How Downsizing Can Upgrade Your Retirement

Even after a career full of accomplishments, your best years are still ahead of you. First off, congratulations on your impending or recent retirement! This milestone is of course cause for celebration but also is an opportunity to look forward to a fulfilling new chapter in life. One of the more beneficial ways to facilitate a dream-oriented retirement is downsizing. We understand how this is a difficult decision to make; to help, below is a brief guide on how to make this transition as well as the benefits of downsizing into a Holbrook community.


What to Consider When Downsizing


1. Plan for the Futureholbrook community

During this transition period, carefully consider the details that are best for the circumstances. Take time with your partner or a trusted loved one to thoughtfully draft a plan that aligns with your timeline and goals. Some factors to consider including selling your home and moving into a more convenient living situation. Depending on your needs and desires, this step will help you identify the best home or active living community location and size that works best for you. Weigh your options based on other considerations such as family, relationships, support needs, and health amenities.


2. Involve Your Family

The decisions involved in downsizing are best made with input from your family and loved ones. Have a conversation with your close family about how to handle this process. Some topics to cover include their concerns and what living arrangement is ideal. By having an open conversation, you will be able to find a solution that is in your and the family’s best interest.


3. Managing Your Belongings

One of the harder or easier parts, depending on your personality, of downsizing is offloading many of your belongings. Items around the house hold many special memories, but this transition is a time to whittle down what you own in order to downsize into a smaller home. When sifting through your belongings, consider asking your family or friends if they want any of the stuff. This could be passing down an old record collection to your children or finding a new home for a piece of furniture you won’t have room for. You may also consider selling your belongings at a garage sale or privately if the items are valuable—or perhaps donate them, which may result in tax benefits.


Benefits of Downsizing


1. Flexibilityholbrook community

By downsizing, you may be in a position where your options are kept open. That isn’t to say the situation won’t be stable—rather, this may support your future needs such as relocating or transitioning into an active living community such as one of the Holbrook community locations.


2. Simplified Lifestyle

Being a homeowner is a time-consuming commitment that never seems to end. There’s always something that needs to be done around the house. By downsizing, you’ll alleviate some of the responsibility and have more freedom to live the life you’ve set out for yourself. This new situation will allow you to have more time and embrace a simplified lifestyle that aligns with your goals and wellbeing.


3. Accessibility

For many Americans, downsizing means moving out of a two- or three-story home and into a ranch-style house or active living community. This change may make it easier to navigate around the home, helping adults in their everyday tasks. Also, think about how moving to a new location may help for driving around town—for example, Holbrook Acworth is a community that is within walking distance of its downtown district. That’s just one of many ways Holbrook residents enjoy a convenient and simplified lifestyle.


Your Dream Retirement Made Possible at Holbrook


To start your journey at a Holbrook community, contact us today at 404-445-7777.






I’ve had a wonderful experience at the Holbrook! The Concierge is wonderful. The meals are delicious, The waitstaff is wonderful. There’s a wonderful swimming pool and hydrotherapy pool which really helps me with my rheumatoid arthritis.

I’ve met many new good friends here! The staff here is wonderful too!

— Jo R.

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