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(COVID-19) Preparedness and Response

Dear Residents, Families and Associates:

Holbrook Life’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness and Response team has found it necessary to update our March 13, 2020 interventions to reflect a more stringent closed community policy. Every decision we make is in the spirit to protect our residents and staff over and beyond what we’ve already put in place in response to the now COVID-19 pandemic. Please rest assured that we will continue to follow proper screening procedures for all staff members and any approved visitor each time they enter the Community.

Effective Midnight, Wednesday, March 18, 2020 the following updates will be implemented:

  • Holbrook Communities: We strongly encourage residents to not leave the Community for anything other than a necessary medically life-sustaining appointment that the physician does not recommend postponing. This is to reduce exposure to thepublic that hasn’t been screened for signs and symptoms.
    • Residents who leave the Community for any reason including a medically life-sustaining appointment will beasked to self-isolate themselves in their apartments for 14 days. Your Holbrook Team is here for you whenever you need us, so feel free to contact the Concierge to make a service request.
    • Residents who leave the Community for any reason, will continue to be screened, temperature checked and will be asked to don a mask inside of the Community.
  • New Move-in: For the next 2 weeks we will forgo any pending move-ins into any Holbrook Life managed community other than cottages. Our management team will continue to monitor COVID-19 activity and will make the determination on whether we need to extend.
  • Social distancing: The CDC has established that during the COVID-19 pandemic we should forgo congregate settings, avoid mass gatherings and maintain distance (approximately 6 feet) from others when possible. This means that we will find creative ways to encourage socialization in a safe and low risk manner.
    • Dining venues will seat only one guest at each table, spaced 6 feet apart. The exception will be that couples may be seated at a table together.
    • Group activities will be limited to 10 participants per session, as long we can safely maintain 6 feet distance between each person.
    • Please note that we may be implementing In Room Dining Only and Eliminating All Group Activities in the near term.

Holbrook and Dogwood Forest Communities

  • Fresh Water, Air, Movement and UV-C: On top of washing our hands and disinfecting surfaces, we are encouraging residents to get outside to get a little fresh air and sunshine when the weather permits. Our buildings and campuses were designed to help our residents stay active, fit and healthy.
    • Many of our buildings have full building water filtration systems to purify water and to lessen any strain on the immune system.
    • Residents may take a stroll in the courtyard or around the perimeter of the building, to help you stay mobile.
    • Our buildings have various forms of UV lighting and negative ion emission in common areas and some apartments. This equipment kills viruses, bacteria, mold and other pathogens including allergens.
  • Move-outs: We recommend delaying your move-outduring this time, please consider. We will not allow moving companies in our Communities.
  • Community Lif: While we have implemented sound distancing measures, we will promote “life-enriching” experiences and activity through solo exercise and preventive measures such as sunlight and fresh air. Virtual technology is being used to assist residents in activities like yoga and art. We are promoting family virtual visitation through Facetime and other means such as MapHabit; www.maphabit.com.

We recognize that a “positive” living environment is critical for a strong immune system and will continue to offer non-group, solo outside music and regular room service beverages and ice cream. We also offer family communication through our Facebook pages Holbrook Life; www.holbrooklife.com and Holbrook Life Sharing the Love.

We will continue to walk pragmatically and positively in all we do. For additional information regarding the disease, please refer to the Center for Disease Control’s website https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html .

Many Blessings and Hospitality Yours,
Al Holbrook and the Holbrook Life Team
Hospitably Yours

The Holbrook Life Management Team

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