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4 Incredible Health Benefits of Having Indoor Plants

Who said you need a garden, to be surrounded by plants. Adding plants and flowers into your home is often seen as decor, but many do not know the amazing benefits of keeping indoor plants. The health benefits are astounding, from lowering stress to cleaning the air, plants are a great addition to your living space. If you’re still not convinced to add beautiful greenery into your home we’ve created a list of why you should.

1. Plants Purify the Air

As we mentioned before, some indoor plants purify the air, which helps with in cleansing it from toxins. Some of the air purifying benefits include cleaning it from formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia. All of them are found in common household items such as plastic, dyes, paper towels, and furniture wax.


The best air purifying plants are: Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Philodendron, and Chrysanthemums


 2.) They Release Water

When plants go through photosynthesis they go through a process where they release water. You might wonder why this is an important fact to mention, but this helps with humidifying the air that we breath. This often helps with respiratory infections, sore throat, and coughs.


The best humidifying plants: Boston Fern, Peace Lily, Spider Plant

3.) Improve Health

It’s been said that being surrounded by plants can improve your health. Studies have shown that placing plants and flowers in the rooms of surgery patients speeds up recovery time, versus patients that don’t have them in their rooms.


4.) Sharpen Focus

Placing plants and flowers  in classrooms has shown to help improve focus. Natural environments minimize distractions and help relax the mind. If you need a reason to be more focused why not add plants to your space


Whether you want them as decor in your new Holbrook home, or you’re looking to gain some of the health benefits, adding plants to your home is always a great addition.

Many Blessings and Hospitality Yours,
Al Holbrook and the Holbrook Life Team

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