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10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Senior Living Community

Questions to Help You Make an Informed Decision

Transitioning into an active living community is an involved process. This opportunity will require an informed decision in order to put you in the best position for a great future. With many options for senior living communities in the Atlanta and Decatur areas, narrowing down the right one for you may take some time. To help you through this process, we’ve listed out a few questions to ask yourself and to ask when touring active living communities.


5 Questions to Ask Yourself

While researching communities in your area, ask yourself a few questions to narrow down your options. Be honest and truthful and do your research on the communities you are interested in. Below are a few questions to ask yourself to make an informed choice before visiting a location and meeting with their staff.


1. What are my priorities?

Before choosing which community to move into, consider some priorities that may affect your quality of life. Some aspects to consider include:



The location of a community can be a tremendous benefit. Depending on what priorities you have, choose a community based on its proximity to family members, stores, city amenities, and medical facilities. If you are considering a certain community that is not in your desired area, see if they have other sites. For example, Holbrook has senior living communities in Decatur, Woodstock, and Acworth in addition to communities in development across the Southeast U.S.



Keep in mind that your active living community will be a place to call home. Look into what amenities a community has, such as fitness areas, entertainment venues, and dining locations. Communities that feature a variety of high-end amenities are convenient, promoting health and happiness.


Transportation Options

Consider choosing an active living community that has transportation options available so that you have convenient, safe access to the town around you.


Social Opportunities

The people who surround us can make an incredible, positive difference in our lives. Consider what social opportunities are a priority to you, such as fitness classes, entertainment features, and educational outlets. Choose a community based on their offerings.


2. What is my budget?

Determine what price point is appropriate for you, ensuring that the cost aligns with your goals, savings, and standards for the quality of life you want to live.


3. Would I need any special accommodations?

Think about whether you may need special accommodations in a long-term living situation. The right active living community will be able to fulfill certain requests so that your living situation is comfortable and beneficial to your wellbeing.


4. Is this the right step?senior living communities Decatur_woman

Considering a move into an active living community is a significant decision to make. Many factors go into this choice, including but not limited to timing, personal needs, family desires, and care. When choosing a senior living community, just think—can you imagine yourself living there? This is a practical and helpful midset to have when choosing a community.


5. What does my family think about the idea?

Your family will always have your best intentions in mind. Seek their advice when choosing an active living community. Express what you believe the pros and cons of each community are and, as a family, find the solution that is in your best interest.


5 Questions to Ask the Community

When visiting either on a tour or meeting with a community manager, come prepared with a list of questions to ask to help you make your decision. Below are a few questions that may be helpful. Keep these points to consider in mind.


1. What is your policy on visitors?senior living communities Decatur_Family

Time with family and loved ones is valued. If you’re interested in a certain community, learn about their policy on visitors. Regarding COVID-19, also find out about what health and safety precautions the community is taking regarding visitors. These policies may have an impact on your happiness and health, so it is best to know them up front. On that topic, also keep in mind that any restrictions that are in place are to minimize exposure, which in turn keeps the community and its residents well. Safer alternative visiting options may be available during these times.


2. What training and certifications does your staff have?

Capable staff will make a difference in your everyday life. Ask about what qualifications, training programs, and certifications a community’s staff are required to have in order to work there. The quality of the staff will be a reflection of the quality of the community as a whole.


3. Do you have medical professionals on staff?

Ask whether the community has nurses and physicians on staff who are available if need be. Depending on your circumstances, having medical professionals can make a difference through small tasks like managing or administering medicine or in more pertinent situations by having practices in place in the event of a medical emergency.


4. What security and safety measures are in place?senior living communities Decatur_woman_

Your wellbeing of course is important, so find out about a community’s security and safety measures. This could include staff processes and emergency plans. Knowing that a community has these measures in place will give you peace-of-mind, keeping you safe and well while living there.


5. What are your billing policies?

Before committing to a community, make sure you thoroughly understand its billing policies and processes. Knowing this will help you anticipate what to expect during a billing cycle. By understanding this up front, you will be less likely to encounter an unexpected issue and will ultimately have a better experience. The ideal active living community will have a clear and easy-to-understand billing format.


Interested in Learning More?


To be a part of our senior living communities, including Decatur, Acworth, and Woodstock, contact us today at 404-445-7777.






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It’s remarkable how well everyone has helped and stayed upbeat throughout this time of Covid.

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