Health and Wellness

Wellness for Bold Living

When entering the senior living industry over 25 years ago, the owner and visionary for Holbrook communities wanted to bring a product to the market never before introduced that focused on senior wellness from a holistic perspective. He and his business partner and wife, spent countless years researching and perfecting their approach to senior living. Over the years, they’ve built over 75 senior living communities from the ground up and each time the approach to senior wellness has improved by staying on the cutting edge of scientific research.

Wellness is The Holbrook’s cornerstone. Our customers achieving total wellness in spirit, mind, and body has always been the ultimate goal. We believe this trinity is the catalyst for positive health outcomes and it is greatly impacted by the community’s environment.

  • wellness

    The Holbrook Wellness & Longevity Center

    Many of us desire to live a long life, but our quality of life is all the more important. The Holbrook Wellness & Longevity Centers provides residents with superb wellness programming right in the comfort of their own community. Wellness checks, physician concierge services, and group classes like yoga, tai chi and pilates can be enjoyed in the center’s studio. The Holbrook gym will have activities and equipment for all fitness levels including equipment for those who may need lower resistance training.

  • aquactic center

    The Holbrook Aquatics Center

    The Holbrook Aquatics center will offer an olympic size salt-water pool for residents to take laps and enjoy fun aquatics aerobics classes. Residents will also have the luxury of using the latest in technology with the state-of-the-art hydropool often used in rehabilitation and recovery.

  • spa

    The Holbrook Spa

    Experience ultimate relaxation and receive the attention your body needs by scheduling time with our personal masseuse. Massage therapy works well for those who have pain from arthritis. Or you have the option to schedule an appointment with our salon stylist or manicurist.

  • smoothie

    Healthful Dining & Rebecca’s Smoothie Cafe

    We know wellness starts with what we eat. We offer many healthful food options within the many dining venues within our communities. Our chefs use the finest ingredients to prepare food our residents. We embrace the farm to table concept by pulling some of our home grown vegetables and herbs directly from The Holbrook garden. And the best part about it, is our residents tend the garden as well.
    If you aren’t ready for a big meal, a smoothie packed with healthful ingredients like spinach or kale or strawberries and bananas—might be just what the doctor ordered. Grab a quick smoothie and snack from Rebecca’s Smoothie Cafe.

  • Life Enrichment Programs

    Our life enriching programs provide the opportunity to embrace The Holbrook’s trinity. We provide engaging activities and events for Holbrook residents to stimulate the mind, engage the body and invigorate a positive spirit. Our calendars are packed with exciting opportunities for residents to engage themselves and to bond with their neighbors.

Innovative Programs that Promote Resident Life Fulfillment and Positive Health Outcomes