Resident Interview with Don Roy


By Sandy Diekroeger

Don Roy grew up in Pittsburg, PA. He lived there until he went into the service in 1942. After coming home from serving our country, Don went back to college. He spent the majority of his adult life in sales. He first sold tricycles and bicycles for the Evans Bicycle Company. He later worked selling Venrus watches and Hamilton watches.

In 1977, he and his wife moved to Orlando, Florida. In 1981, he lost his wife but remarried in 1982. He and his new wife moved to Tavares, Florida, about 30 miles from Orlando. They bought a custom t-shirt shop in the mall and worked their shop for many years. When the mall decided to remodel and raise the rent, the Roy’s decided not to continue with their t-shirt shop. Several side businesses continued to keep Don busy, but he always made time for golf.

In their free time, Don and his wife golfed both separately and together. He would play golf 6 days a week. He and his wife entered many golfing events together. In 1998 Don lost his second wife.

Don was living in Taveres on his own when his vision was permanently damaged. His daughter and his son both lived in Georgia and convinced Don to move closer to them. He moved to The Holbrook Independent Living in Gainesville, Georgia.

He loves living at The Holbrook and feels that The Holbrook and Gainesville area are wonderful places to live.  Don said that what makes it nice for him is the kind, friendly employees. Not a day goes by that one of the employees at The Holbrook Independent Living doesn’t give him a smile, a hug or stop and take time to talk to him. Don also has things in common with several of the other men and enjoys “hanging out” in the lobby with them, watching everyone who comes and goes. Don likes living at The Holbrook so much that he is going to remain here although his daughter is moving to Nashville. We are glad Don calls The Holbrook home!